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Title: A few minor bugs and small things ^^
Post by: Soveilion on July 16, 2011, 02:31:12 AM
* Well first off, When you try to manually switch fontsize of text, it will recieve \"null\" instead of \"[ size=x ]\" everytime.
* Would be nice with a \"preview\" button of some sort so you don\'t have to edit a text more than necessary.
* Next i would like to point out a visual \"problem\" or annoyance for me atlest, illustrated in the picture below.
As seen in the picture, I find myself confused which one do I press? if I press the upper choice will i make the topic in this section, or in the main forum section? Anyways.
* Upon editing/replying to a post, you are treated as you would be in that specific forum, not in that specific post... For example, when I edit my message inside \"person above you thread\" I cannot use the shortcut to go to \"off-topic\" because thats where \"I am\"
* There are several buttons in the text-font-editing-thing that doesnt do a thing... are theese just natural seperators?
* I am still oblivious of which topics I\'ve visited, dunno how to see if there are new posts... Is there a way?^^ I know theres a \"mark all topics as read\" atleast :P

Oh and I\'m using Google Chrome if that\'s a very important note to know :P

Edit: I\'ve heard this forum is JOOMLA, but is there any way I can haf my pwetty AcidTech_Purple back? pwetty pwease? with sugar on top? ^^
Edit: Added some stuff

Title: Re: A few minor bugs and small things ^^
Post by: Kira on July 16, 2011, 06:27:55 AM
ok I\'ll just go in order you posted...  the font size,  I don\'t know if I can fix that but I\'ll work on it.  the new topic button is a new topic button,  all buttons on that page are the same,  just one put on top,  and one put near each topic so you don\'t have to scroll back up to find one.  each are the same.   as for the not going back to off topic,  that should happen automatically when you post or cancel your reply after typing it.  yes they are seperators,  and new posts are marked to the right of the posts title,  it\'ll say how many are new for this visit.  joomla isn\'t a forum,  it\'s a content management system.  I have intigrated a forum with it however.  acidtech theme doesn\'t exist for this setup.  I will eventually look into writing a few alternate themes everyone is allowed to choose from,  but for now we have just the one as designing site wide themes is a very long drawn out process with a lot of bugs.

I can\'t help your editing....  it\'s a nasty habit,  try to cut down,  it\'s bad for your health. *sends Soveilion to editors rehab*