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Title: Shikkaku Quotes
Post by: Renge丸 on February 02, 2012, 06:02:28 PM
Put all quotes related to Shikkaku fansubs here.

[23:30] <@Rengemaru> BD have no censoring
[23:30] <@Rengemaru> :B
[23:31] <@Rengemaru> do I need more reasons?
[23:31] That\'s the best part
[23:31] This world needs less steam, more nudity
[23:31] <@Rengemaru> yup yup
[23:32] <@Rengemaru> I need to rewatch IS in BD
[23:32] Yes. For CharLOTTE nipple
[23:32] <@Rengemaru> CHARLES
[23:32] <@Rengemaru> not Charlotte
[23:32] <@Rengemaru> there is no charlotte
[23:32] Bitch, we gonna start this again
[23:32] <@Rengemaru> fag, did we ever end?
[23:32] Fuck no
[23:33] <@Rengemaru> exaclty
[23:33] <@Rengemaru> it is CHARLES
[23:33] <@Rengemaru> and I don\'t care if he has boobs and pussies
[23:33] It has a vagina. It is CHARLOTTE
[23:33] <@Rengemaru> no, it is CHARLES
[23:33] <@Rengemaru> he is a BOY
[23:33] <@Rengemaru> a cute, blond french BOY
[23:33] On the INSIDE, maybe
[23:33] <@Rengemaru> with boobs and pussy
[23:34] It\'s fine if he\'s Charles on the inside. Tomboys are awesome
[23:34] <@Rengemaru> yup
[23:34] But it\'s still CHARLOTTE, damnit
[23:34] <@Rengemaru> no, CHARLES means CHARLES
[23:35] <@Rengemaru> CHARLOTTE is something from all of your sick imaginations
[23:35] No, Char is short for CHARLOTTE
[23:35] Yours and mine both, ho
[23:35] You know you want a CHARLOTTE
[23:35] <@Rengemaru> char is charlotte for you, horny boys, it is charles for me
[23:35] <@Rengemaru> ever was and ever will be
[23:36] How about you take the ass, I\'ll take the vagina
[23:36] <@Rengemaru> why would I want another girl when Ichika is surrounded by 4 other ones
[23:36] You can have Charles, and I can take CHARLOTTE
[23:36] <@Rengemaru> sorry, I\'ll stick a double sided dildo in his vagina so I can strike as a penis while I do him with a strapon
[23:37] <@Rengemaru> no, I\'m a greedy bitch when it comes to my shoutas
[23:37] * Disconnected
[23:37] * Attempting to rejoin channel
[23:37] * Rejoined channel
[23:37] okay where was I
[23:37] my phone was over heating
[23:37] You quit. I win. CHARLOTTE
[23:37] .............
[23:38] * Renge is now known as Rengemaru
[23:38] Nah, I was saying we could clone HER so we could both have our cake and \"eat\" it too
[23:39] <@Rengemaru> well, you take the clone then
[23:39] <@Rengemaru> I only go for original stuff
[23:39] <@Rengemaru> D:
[23:39] No
[23:39] Because the original is the female
[23:39] <@Rengemaru> in your sick dreams
[23:39] <@Rengemaru> ewwww
[23:40] You\'re the one single-handedly responsible for turning me into a sick bastard
[23:40] <@Rengemaru> >.>;
[23:40] <@Rengemaru> and is that supposed to be a bad thing?
[23:41] No... Just sayin...
[23:41] But my love for the true CharLOTTE will rage eternal
[23:42] And by love I mean penis
[23:42] <@Rengemaru> as your senior pervert, I have to bring you back to the light
[23:42] <@Rengemaru> and open your eyes
[23:43] Go ahead. Show me your \"truth\"
[23:43] Just know that you underestimate my power
[23:43] <@Rengemaru> true, my physical power might be inferior compared to your power
[23:44] <@Rengemaru> however, remember that I control the power of science
[23:44] <@Rengemaru> dyed in the most perverted colors anyone can imagine
[23:44] <@Rengemaru> :B
[23:44] Damn
[23:44] Still, it will take a considerable amount of force to convince me that the true CHARLOTTE is actually a male
[23:44] <@Rengemaru> but the price is worth it
[23:45] I will admit one thing before you begin
[23:45] <@Rengemaru> since a boy char is as hot as a girl char... no?
[23:45] Even if Charlotte were to be a male, I\'d still hit it
[23:45] <@Rengemaru> exactly
[23:45] <@Rengemaru> so don\'t be weak and place such weak conditions like \"gender\" and shit
[23:45] <@Rengemaru> \"A beautiful thing is beautiful\"
[23:46] <@Rengemaru> \"Whether it\'s male or female\"
[23:46] <@Rengemaru> -- Rengemaru
[23:46] True enough. But does Charlotte herself not say that she is a female?
[23:47] <@Rengemaru> that\'s for public safety
[23:47] Enlighten mr
[23:47] me*
[23:47] <@Rengemaru> since char is too glorious to be confined in something like \"gender\"
[23:48] <@Rengemaru> the writer/director decided to stick the female gender to it
[23:48] <@Rengemaru> for 2 main reasons
[23:48] <@Rengemaru> 1) so it would tempt horny boys into becoming fans
[23:49] <@Rengemaru> 2) so that the novel/anime will not be labeled as something \"dangerous\" and give a reason to the likes of Ishihara to turn Japan into \"Library Wars\" setting
[23:49] Wait one second
[23:49] If Char is too glorious to be confined by gender, does that not mean that either of our classifications is valid?
[23:50] <@Senzuri> What on earth are you talking about
[23:50] <~Aistad> Rengemaru!!
[23:50] <~Aistad> I just realized you were here
[23:50] <~Aistad> I thought I saw you say something earlier
[23:50] Go away, Aistad. Serious discussion here.
[23:50] <@Rengemaru> Senzuri, don\'t ask, we\'re in the middle of a serious discussion
[23:51] <@Rengemaru> Ai-chan, I\'ll make love with you later, I\'m busy now
[23:51] <~Aistad> kk
[23:51] <~Aistad> I can wait
[23:51] <@Rengemaru> BT, I\'m doing that so I would blance the scales
[23:51] <@Rengemaru> since they only showed one half
[23:51] <@Rengemaru> so my goal is to forcefully insert the other half to restore char\'s glory
[23:51] But you have yet to explain what is wrong with my love of the female half of Char
[23:52] <@Rengemaru> it is like eating half the melon when you can have it all
[23:52] <@Rengemaru> sit down and think
[23:52] <@Rengemaru> which will be hotter
[23:52] <@Rengemaru> sleeping with a female char
[23:52] <@Rengemaru> or sleeping with a female AND male char
[23:53] <@Rengemaru> threesome VS twosome
[23:53] ...
[23:53] I have been bested
[23:53] <@Rengemaru> look into to my eyes and tell me
[23:53] I wish to see the complete Char
[23:54] However, does this prevent me from preferring Char\'s female side?
[23:54] <@Rengemaru> for the meantime, yes
[23:54] <@Rengemaru> when you reach the complete char, you can have both
[23:54] <@Rengemaru> it\'s like walking on a rope and you\'re leaning towards one side
[23:55] <@Rengemaru> so in order to regain your balance, you have to seek the other, opposite side
[23:55] But Renge, do you accept both halves of the true Char? It seems as if you reject the female half
[23:55] <@Rengemaru> I have the female char at reach, I can grab her again when I get the male char
[23:55] <@Rengemaru> I would do the same if char was a male
[23:56] <@Rengemaru> as frustrating as it might be in that case, I would still seek the complete char
[23:56] <@Rengemaru> T_T
[23:56] I understand
[23:56] I require more training in the perverted arts
[23:56] <@Rengemaru> the path to the perverted light is a long and difficult road
[23:57] I am willing
[23:57] <@Rengemaru> we have to endure and make many sacrifices along the road
[23:57] <@Rengemaru> and even if you think you reached a good level
[23:57] <@Rengemaru> there is always room for improvement
[23:57] I will give my life if necessary
[23:57] But are there limits?
[23:58] <@Rengemaru> no one can answer that
[23:58] <@Rengemaru> for many brave souls are still venturing into those paths, seeking those limits
[23:58] <@Rengemaru> yet, we can never reach that light at the end of the tunnel
[23:58] We can still hope
[23:59] <@Rengemaru> that is our becon of light
[23:59] Hope for a day we are guided through that light by the true Char, into eternal pleasure
[23:59] <@Rengemaru> I hope so to, dear brother-in-arms
[00:00] We go together
[00:00] I can endure anything with you by my side, my friend
[00:01] <@Rengemaru> yes, that is our strength
[00:01] <@Rengemaru> ...our bonds...
[00:01] ...will last for eternity...
[00:02] Renge, I wish to apologize
[00:02] I doubted your wisdom
[00:02] <@Rengemaru> no need for apologies, you did well
[00:03] <@Rengemaru> seeking knowledge is one of the skills that we must master
[00:03] The road... It is so easy to stray
[00:03] <@Rengemaru> more easy than we can imagine
[00:04] And therein lies the danger
[00:04] I must visit the local \"supplies\" dealer and gather necessary materials soon
[00:05] To further my enlightenment
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