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Title: Rules and instructions to join
Post by: Kira on March 19, 2012, 03:00:51 PM
first off,  instructions...  joining is easy.  just send an email to and you\'ll get a response usually in less than a minute.  reply to that response so the list server knows it wasn\'t a spam request.  after that I should be notified that there\'s accounts waiting for approval,  I\'ll approve anything that doesn\'t look like a spammer address. you should receive an email once approved with instructions on leaving the list or various commands you can use, save it in case you need it. now you\'ll automatically receive any emails sent to this list address.  the list address is

the email archives are stored at you\'ll need your list password,  if you don\'t have a password you can get one by following the instructions in that email you got when your subscription was approved to set a password for yourself.

roleplay will obviously take place within this list.  now for the rules.

all roleplay will take place in the list,  not in the forum.  Please keep out of character conversation confined to the discussion section of the roleplay forum. if you must say something out of character in the roleplay group then please put it in brackets or use ooc tag to show the part that\'s out of character,  then specify ic [or in character] when you start your actual post.

please be respectful of others,  while personally I\'m open to most anything in a given roleplay,  others might not,  please respect their limits before acting.

the storyteller [or gm] of your given story is in charge of said story.  he/she will have the final say on anything that happens in that story.

no twinking,  if you don\'t know what that means,  it means having unbeatable immortal god characters or instantly declaring someone dead and similar.  please keep your characters fair and equal to the others in the story.  special characters [anything beyond normal for the story] must be approved by your story\'s gm.

it is recomended that a storyteller/gm create a topic in the storyline board to give potential and current players an overview of your world and storyline.  no one should post to this but the gm.

gm is able to require character sheets to be submitted for all participants.  if they do so then your sheet should be posted in detail to the character sheets forum.

please insure all characters are written to match the story they are in,  please don\'t throw some technologically advanced person into a midevil based game unless gm approves it.

finally,  1 story,  1 topic.  please do not change the topic of the story.  this is for a good reason.  participants might want to setup a set of filters on their email to automatically sort the email to various folders so they can more easily find posts for their rp story.  please keep your posts confined to the stories your part of,  don\'t comment in the list on a story,  use the forum for that :)

that\'s it,  any additional rules are on a per story basis and are completely up to the storyteller/gm of that story.