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Title: Divinity: Original Sin
Post by: Sousti on July 30, 2014, 03:51:40 PM

Hungry for good old RPG fun with a solid battle system, good co-op elements for the taking for whoever likes co-op and plenty of story, secret things to uncover and loot to find? This game has you covered. After quickly throwing 30 hours into it like I was possessed with every bit of nostalgia from playing games such as Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights in my younger years, I'm considering this my GOTY already.

You have two characters you can make in the usual "choose class, choose looks, edit starting skills and such" way, each of them can get a companion to follow you around. The battles you find can be harder than expected at first, at least they were for me.. well, heh.. Anyway. Getting a good companion to fit your team perfectly is a good counter measure. And using the elements well is another. There are mods in the works to allow a 4 player experience.

Elements, the usual fire, electricity, ice and such, can be used to use whatever an enemy is weak to maximize their pain. Or to outright blow them up. Oil on ground, introduce fire. Or stun enemies using electricity on the blood or water underneath their feet! Also works on your friends so keep an eye out for that. Ooze and poison clouds work as a doomsday explosion if you create one big enough and throw some fire at them, making for some very cool and even unexpected moments.

You can lift a lot of the common stuff found around you like barrels, chairs and such. You can use these to create a wall between you and the enemy or to just fuck around for your  own amusement.. or, again, burn the wood. Put the ground on fire and enjoy watching your enemy walking over it taking damage like the fools they are. Or they might just start the waiting game.. who knows. Once I saw one enemy do what I could only say was a suicide attack as he died right after he took his first hit on us, but he did land an attack after running through a ten meter melted ground. Just be careful you don't kill quest givers, unless of course that's your intention to begin with. They can all die and some missions can be started elsewhere. Both, of course, leading to different outcomes and what people will say about stuff.

As for story, I don't know much about the Divinity franchise before this as this is my first game on it. But it's been interesting enough to keep the game going so far. They basically just gave you a murder mystery to solve and on you go, solving it whatever way you wanted. There's a bunch of ways to take care of things and some abilities, like talking to animals, make things very interesting indeed. Sometimes you find yourself linking things from place A to those that happened in place B and suddenly both small stories start to make so much sense, you might even become the one to choose what happens in both of them!

Lots of interactive elements to the game too. You can have an outright argument between your characters about how to deal with stuff, what choices to make when in conversation with an NPC. It's a RPG in the heart and that it is living by.

There's a ton of things to find around. A lot of humor into it too, had some very good laughs with it. Only complaint I'd have so far, is the inventory system isn't really ideal for crafting items (drag and drop item A to item B to create item C), at least when you are carrying a ton of stuff. I find myself having a hard time remembering what I actually have and finding them when viewing the whole inventory at once. Some items are crafted by dragging an item from inventory to an anvil, a cooking pot, furnace or whatever. Loads of things to discover there too, haven't spoiled myself with recipes. Recipe books are found all across the game to help you find out how some stuff are made.

It is a wisely made game that the devs certainly have had their fun making. Playing it is not just a nostalgiagasm but it's just so much fun. So much interesting stuff to discover and do. It is literally everything I have wanted out of a game for a good while now. Like an answer to wishes.