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Greetings everyone
« on: July 14, 2011, 03:20:32 PM »
Well,  there\'s a welcome mat for a reason,  and I don\'t think I should be any exception.  most of you already know me.  I\'m the one who hosts this show,  own the webspace and did most of the setup [foxia gets credit for most of the images]  Although I think of myself as just your host,  most of the community had elected me as their leader way back when. Mostly I just sit back and watch and let the other admins handle day to day stuff,  typically I only step in when there\'s a major disruption of some sort that the admins can\'t handle [such as a problem with the admins,  but I won\'t name names,  such as irish o.O]

About me,  well I keep my true identity secret cause I was once a victim of identity theft and it\'s made me overly paranoid about it,  my online persona is one that has developed over many years and many misconceptions about me,  and some things that are true too :P.  in short,  there are few here who know who I really am IRL.  doesn\'t matter much though I don\'t guess.

I\'m always willing to listen to advice or requests,  however it doesn\'t mean such requests will be followed,  but I try my best to do as much as I can.

I\'m a paramedic, and an electronics and computer repair tech,  with a background in electronics engineering technology.  I have very little talent with graphics or anything artistic however I\'m pretty good at working with scripts and such.

as far as anime goes,  I love watching it sometimes,  I\'m kinda picky about what I do watch.  I mostly like some of the comedies, yuri and most anything with a catgirl in it as long as it\'s not some overly big breasted sorta thing.

anything else you want to know about me you\'ll probably discover just from hanging around.

welcome to the community,  and if you have any problems or questions feel free to ask. [see the support section,  I always watch for new posts]
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