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The set is the island of Enoshima, Shounan; a town where old and new goes hand in hand.
A high schooler, who is abnormally bad at communicating with other people, and this way had no friends before: Yuki.
A self-proclaimed alien, who tries to make Yuki go fishing with him: Haru.
A born and raised Enoshima boy, who is irritated by almost everything in his environment: Natsuki.
A mysterious Indian who keeps watching them from a reasonable distance: Akira.
These four, who are wasting their youth, keep meeting, fishing, and this little island becomes a place of great happenings...
From now on starts an SF (shounen fishing) adventure!

An oddball series, even for noiteminA standard. Vivid colours and strange happenings, for intannce the \'conversation\' between spying man and duck while having high-tea. I\'ll look how it will develops. I sincerly hope the anime won\'t focus all that much on the fishing itself, because that was one part of the show that actually was quite boring.