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Fleeting Hymnals
« on: April 14, 2012, 01:11:11 PM »
This is one of the current ongoing roleplays in the email list.  It was started by renge but as there was no info posted in the forum about it I thought I would start a thread.  Please do not reply to this thread.  if you wish to discuss this rp please start a thread in the discussion section.

this roleplay takes place in a world where abnormals exist,  they can be any race mixed with human or appear human.  they live in secret. The story revolves around a japanese school, all players will play students at this school. There\'s no radical technology, everything is mostly equivilant to how things are in current real world time.  The school is pretty much your typical japanese school.  More detail on this rp will be posted by me as I get time,  unless renge has something she wants to add.
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Re: Fleeting Hymnals
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2012, 10:02:41 PM »
I was going to create a topic when I was free. But oh well.

Fleeting Hymnals takes place in Rakuyouzai (???), a certain town in Japan. A simple and average town, unlike the modern Tokyo or Osaka. What makes this town special from other towns is the hidden, existence of the Fallen Leaves. A group of half-breed hybrids whom blood is a mixture of humans and other creatures; ranging from vampires to foxes.

For Fallen Leaves living in the town, they have a set of restricted rules. Placed by their ancestors who came here hundreds of years ago. Those rules revolve about keeping their non-human abilities away from humans, let it be forms or powers, and maintaining a peaceful balance between them. Failure to comply to the rules will result in the banishment or death of the offender. This town is peaceful, but when they bare their fangs, everything is equal to zero.

The main characters of the story attend the Megumare Seichou academy, the only school in town. However, it serves students from elementary school to high school despite her simplicity. A decent number of the school\'s students and teachers are from the Fallen Leaves. And there exists a club called the \"Society Supporters Club\" or SSC for short. This club aims to keep a control over the Fallen Leaves activities in this big school. Since teenagers are always troubled with controlling their powers, this club also aims to help those teenagers control their powers and grow up into being responsible members of this small society. The president of the club is the Sea Dragon princess; Ryuukai Yuzuki, a 3rd year high school student. Most of the club members are ghost members except for the active members of the club; the main characters.

The story starts when a new non-human joins the school...

[More info will be placed when I\'m free.]