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VN Terms
« on: February 03, 2013, 11:54:07 AM »
There are thousands of visual novels, and I\'m happy to say that people are getting more interest in translating them.

The more you play them, the more you learn that every type of VN has some terms or tags that people use so future readers will proceed carefully or not proceed at all.

I made this thread to make a quick description of the terms and tags I\'ll be using from now on when I create VN threads, and give small examples of these.

So, here we go.

Nukiges are the typical eroges where sex comes first and story second. In these games it wouldn\'t be weird if you reach a sex scene between the first 10 minutes of playing. Most of the times the stories are silly and won\'t leave much of an impression on you.

[Sousti]: \"So, I was playing Sagara Family the other day... and I banged their mom like... right away on my first night there.\"
[Vendena]: \"...Hah!\"

Even though their names are similar, Nakiges have nothing to do with Nukiges. A Nakige is briefly described as a crying story. It is not written on stone, but usually a Nakige starts happy with a bit of comedy... then something related to the protagonist or the heroines happens and the player gets sad (crying optional)... but at the end of the story, everything works out somehow and the player is left with a warm feeling. This kind of games tend to leave a big impact on the readers.

[Souko]: \"Kotomi-chan\'s route was so sad... but I\'m glad it had a happy ending.\"
[Vendena]: \"That\'s Maeda Jun for you.\"

[ul][li]ENFORCED PLAYING ORDER[/li][/ul]
VNs with Enforced Playing Order makes the players read one entire route before they can access others. In other words, you won\'t be able of getting that girl you like unless you finish the game dating another girl first.

[Phazonreaver]: \"I can\'t get Akiha\'s route! I always get bad endings!\"
[Vendena]: \"You need to finish Arcueid\'s route first!\"

[ul][li]ONE TRUE ENDING[/li][/ul]
This one is a custom of mine. It happens when the VN has only one ending, even if you can date different heroines. It goes something like this (Prologue > Common Route > Your Girlfriend\'s Route > Ending). It doesn\'t really matter what girl you get, the ending is the same for all of them.

[Rengemaru]: \"I played Meiya and Ayamine\'s routes on Unlimited and only the ecchi scenes were different!\"
[Vendena]: \"It doesn\'t really have any replay value.\"

The VN with this tag has no specific heroine ending, and in the end you\'ll have a harem. Most of the time the girls are aware of this and agree with it anyways. In Nukige cases, the protagonist usually have sexy scenes with all/most of the girls at the same time.

[Rambo]: \"I played \'We Love Master!\' and banged all the maids!\"
[Vendena]: \"You gotta catch \'em all!\"

This list may get updated with more terms in the future, based on the VN\'s posted here.