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« on: February 03, 2014, 04:51:35 PM »
Due to all this lack of security and privacy the nsa has proven we have.  I'm going to start using something called bitmessage for communication with my friends.  While normally you'd want identities to remain private between you and friends,  you can create multiple identities.  It works similar to bitcoin for those familure with it.  For those not,  just be sure it's a totally decentralized email like system.

I invite anyone who wants to be able to message me to join.  Send me messages anytime you want with it.

It's recomended you leave it running all the time in the background.

to download a copy,  go here
below is my public address I'm sharing on the net

To send me messages you must first generate yourself an identity.  this process can take quite a while.  once you have your identity creation started go ahead and add me to your address book, address is above.  You can use the send page to well,  send stuff :P

Enjoy and hope this helps anyone who's security concious like me :)

please do message me!  I love getting messages from friends...  you are my friends right?  RIGHT!!!  LOL
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How you can Satisfy Excellent Ladies From your Comfort of your residence
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2020, 07:43:45 AM »
Web internet dating is amongst the easiest ways of reaching females on the internet for hookup relationships. You will discover a huge number of women in your town who are seeking sex In order to match the right young lady, you must know some tips about how to date and fulfill hookup females on the web. Please read on for a few suggestions.
One thing you have to do in terms of internet dating is to be aware what you would like out of the relationship. Online dating sites usually offer you free of charge conversation areas. These are typically excellent areas to find hookup girls. Totally free chat rooms offer a great deal of items to help make a stylish person seem to be more attractive to other individuals. You can find free dating sites that supply user profiles and pictures of numerous girls it is possible to satisfy.
Free of charge talk spaces will also be great locations to reach know other people and learn if they have the identical pursuits as you. Make inquiries and find out if you realise out anything fascinating. When you are conversing with ladies, make an effort to make conversation and get acquainted with them. It is possible to talk about various issues for example the task you might have, in which you operate, the individuals in your family, and stuff you want to do. When you don't get enough information and facts in the lady on chat, don't be afraid to inquire her questions regarding themselves. This may show her that you are looking at getting to know her, so she are often more most likely to give you her variety and fulfill you to have an genuine time.
The next step to know is the fact online dating services are not just as user friendly because they audio. They may be very challenging to work with and make the most of, and might leave you feeling like you are a loser and they are just wasting your time. So it's important that you make time to figure out how to make use of them and learn the way the online dating sites job. Using this method you may be more comfortable with utilizing them and you will have a far better experience.
When you don't know a lot about online dating, you could possibly really feel afraid of the time period and funds it will require to meet ladies. That may be incorrect. Usually, the expenses related to these online dating sites are a lot under directly dating. It's actually easier to find great hookups instead of date face-to-face because girls tend to be prepared to meet gentlemen at cafes, night clubs, discos, or restaurants.
Internet dating websites also allow you to save money and time. There are actually no dash several hours or events with females, but that's not to imply you can't still meet up with girls for any nighttime. After you have located a great hookup, you are able to get out there and appreciate meal or videos together after which go back to conversation. In this way you don't need to squander a complete night time reaching up with the young lady in the membership or bistro.
Online dating can also be great for getting together with new close friends and getting new buddies. You can chat with them, and you will save money you wouldn't spend going out to meal with all the young girls you satisfied face-to-face. When you are in the feeling on an adventure, this can be a fantastic way to meet somebody new. Just because you're on-line doesn't suggest you will need to meet up with up with a lot of people.
There are millions of single people on the web and many of them are looking for somebody to day, and hookups. Make certain you understand how to discover them and don't get discouraged in the event you aren't capable of finding the correct girl immediately. The great thing is that you don't ought to spend a lot of time and money on discovering your dream lady, all that you should do is appear for the ideal position online.