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« on: February 03, 2014, 04:51:35 PM »
Due to all this lack of security and privacy the nsa has proven we have.  I'm going to start using something called bitmessage for communication with my friends.  While normally you'd want identities to remain private between you and friends,  you can create multiple identities.  It works similar to bitcoin for those familure with it.  For those not,  just be sure it's a totally decentralized email like system.

I invite anyone who wants to be able to message me to join.  Send me messages anytime you want with it.

It's recomended you leave it running all the time in the background.

to download a copy,  go here
below is my public address I'm sharing on the net

To send me messages you must first generate yourself an identity.  this process can take quite a while.  once you have your identity creation started go ahead and add me to your address book, address is above.  You can use the send page to well,  send stuff :P

Enjoy and hope this helps anyone who's security concious like me :)

please do message me!  I love getting messages from friends...  you are my friends right?  RIGHT!!!  LOL
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