Author Topic: Need help with tags/genres recomendations  (Read 1815 times)

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Need help with tags/genres recomendations
« on: February 10, 2016, 06:47:03 AM »
Personally I never started off liking loli, I had nothing against it but it was neither a big turn-on or off. What I did like on the other hand were DFC <3 but due to great lack of "normal" DFC material and great surplus of loli material I just went "meh".
In the end, loli threads on either \b\ or DaTorrents usually were the easiest source to get frequent new material(non manga) if i wanted anything else smalled than 4DD boob-size. I resigned to just filter through the occasional nigh-toddler material.
After a while though, I started noticing more and more the tags that AniDB, and some manga sites used to classify manga/animy and I learned of Pettanko, and i happened to find a few Golden Nuggets along the way.

Anyways here's a breadcrumb list of things I am... researching and wondering if I could get some tag/genre tips :P

Small boobs (DFC<->B cup)
Dominant (No over the top (e.g pegging, mutilation and so on) majour turn-off)
Strong willed (no damsel in distress would also be a good way to word it)
Most things you would expect from a Strong Female Lead can really sum up most of it.

(and if applicable)
Knowledgeable (doesn't have to be a rocket scientist, but not a dumb-blonde-syndrome either)
Faithfull (I have no idea if it is a concidence or not but "cucked" and "cheating" has been WAY more common lately... both are a majour turn-off)
You might argue Tsundere/SFL+Pettanko/loli fits for a broad spectrum of theese, and i agree.
What i really find annoying at times though is that Dominant female/Submissive male out of the blue goes to Submissive female/Dominant male for no apperent reason (hentai is the biggest culprit in this crime).
So i wondered, just as pettanko is a broader term for small boobs (though with added complex) is there a similar one that fits the traits of dominancy, while not falling into the reversive-dominance effect or the full latex/pegging trap?^^

Oh and some notes, i would be happy to "procure", any series containing one or many of theese descriptions :P


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