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A book by Nisio Isin, author of Bakemonogatari and Katanagari. Two volumes in English available form Del Ray Manga.

Summary from the back of the first book:
It’s the vacation of a lifetime, a trip to a remote island filled with geniuses–and murder.

On Wet Crow’s Feather Island, a tiny speck in the Sea of Japan, lives Akagami Iria, the exiled daughter of a powerful family. Born into great wealth, she was a princess of the highest pedigree–until she was cut off by the leader of the Akagami Foundation. For the last five years, she’s lived on Feather Island with her maids. But she hasn’t been alone. She has invited the best minds Japan has to offer to come and stay with her.

And so nineteen-year-old college student Ii-chan and his best friend, computer genius Kunagisa Tomo, find themselves as Iria’s guests at her elaborate mansion. Surrounded by fascinating women–a chef, a fortune-teller, a scholar, and an artist, not to mention his own friend Tomo–Ii-chan is feeling a little overmatched intellectually. But the sudden discovery of a grisly murder sends the island into shock. And Ii-chan discovers that he does possess a bit of genius: the ability to discover what is real and what is fake . . . who is who they claim to be–and who is a killer.

I quoted a nice fragment form the book. This is a murder story, so there aren\'t a lot of this kind but those are my favourites. There are more similar passages in Kizumonogatari. I love how the author teases the reader.

[hide]\"Okeydokey.\" She finished checking her mail, switched off the workstation, and dove off the revolving chair into bed. Then she rose to her knees. \"Ii-chan, let\'s sleep together tonight for sure.


\"It\'s so cold at night. If you sleep over there you\'ll catch a cold. This bed is a king-size. Lotsa room.\"


\"Come on, I won\'t do anything! We\'d just be sleeping together, that\'s all. I won\'t even touch you. You can eve sleep wit your back to me. Come on, that\'s not so bad, right?\"


\"Please? I\'m lonely over here.\"

Damn this girl.
She was really digging in this time.
I got up from the couch and looked her right in the eye.

\"You swear you won\'t do anything?\"


\"You swore. I\'m gonna believe you.\"

\"No sweat,\" she nodded. \"I won\'t let you down.\"[/hide]