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input on new site
« on: July 23, 2011, 10:04:30 AM »
I know some of you have stated you prefered phpbb,  some of you like the current site.  The moment jfusion hits beta,  I can integrate phpbb into the new site in place of the forum you see now.

advantage,  I\'m almost positive I can import the old phpbb stuff into the new phpbb.  disadvantage,  can\'t import posts from current forum but there\'s not much to loose.  also no one would have to recreate user accounts as it would be integrated into joomla.

anyway,  I\'m not going to make this change unless you guys want it.  just saying that phpbb will be option as well simple machines forum if you guys want it in future. right now,  security wise,  this is looking really good so far and has a lot of great features and I\'m improving it everyday with what you guys want,  but if you must have phpbb,  then once jfusion hits beta I\'ll be happy to change us over to phpbb.  only reason I used the forum we have was it\'s the absolute best out designed for joomla.

information on how all new additions to the site will be handled...  all logins will be handled by joomla,  as will be account registrations and so on.  this means you\'ll never loose your accounts if something major is changed.  this also means when new features are added,  your automatically able to access it.

anyway,  the point of this threat is to ask for your input on the new forum,  thoughts,  or to hear how many want phpbb when option becomes available.

and yes...  ANY opinion is welcome in here,  even hate messages about things on this site you hate [please don\'t abuse the privilege :P] but please keep it related to this site,  and the more you tell me the more I\'ll know what direction the community wishes to go.
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